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Discover the timeless game of chess with Chess In Space, featuring amazing space-themed graphics.

Play against the computer using the Stockfish engine.

Play against a human opponent with local multiplayer.

Customisable rendering engine supporting multiple quality levels and many space-themed environments.

ChangeLog for Beta 4 :

  • Stockfish AI is easier to defeat at low skill levels which are used in conjunction with small search depths.
  • GUI : shows the list of moves, during gameplay and on the results screen. It can be scrolled up and down. It uses Figurine algebraic notation.
  • Evaluation is not shown to the user during games! In the future, it will be shown during analysis. There is a debug setting to print the evaluation on the console window.

Steam Greenlight page :


This game has been greenlit and will launch on Steam.

About the developer :

I am Maximinus, a solo developer from Grenoble and Nice, France.

I've released 20 games on the Xbox 360 Indies service between 2009 and 2014: Globe Clicker, Red Tie Miner, Blocks and Tanks.

I am now developing for the PC.

Open Beta / Early Access :

This is the Open Beta release. There is no minimum price, you can purchase it for free on Itch.io and have access to all the future updates. I am looking for feedback and compatibility testing.

Looking for feedback :

I am looking for feedback on anything you want to communicate on, and on these points :

  • hardware compatibility : did you have any issue running the game on your machine? Was the framerate smooth?
  • 3D legibility : was it easy to distinguish the pieces? Would you prefer 2D sprite-based graphics?
  • mouse input : was it easy selecting and moving pieces with the mouse?
  • mouse input : was it easy moving and scaling the camera?
  • computer difficulty : did you find a computer skill level that was not too hard, enjoyable to play against?

Planned features :

  • save and load a game in progress
  • undo move
  • load .PGN game file
  • analyse previous games with the Stockfish engine

Possible future features :

  • 2D sprite-based rendering engine
  • online multiplayer "correspondence" chess

Install instructions

Run the installer 'Chess In Space Setup.exe'

Launch the game with either the Desktop shortcut or the Start Menu shortcut.


Chess In Space Setup - Beta 5.exe 49 MB

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